First of all, I’d like to say thank you to everybody who participated in this year’s paleo community survey, especially those who helped to get the word out to others by sharing links and writing blog posts. I think the survey went off pretty well, and we were able to collect a great amount of data. I think the suggestions for changes from last year worked out superbly, and I only received a couple reports/emails from people having difficulty.

Certainly, the form hosting software provided by made putting together this survey a much easier task. Sure, it cost some money to host it for the thousands of hits, but I think overall it was worth it. The result reports are also put together using Wufoo’s software.

In the end, the participation for this year was a bit less than last year’s. The total came to around 5,000 – instead of 6,000 for last year.

I’m entirely sure this has nothing to do with the total number of people involved with the paleo community, and is more likely just an indication of reduced enthusiasm or interest in participating in surveys such as this. Either way, a heck of a lot of people got some free stuff and discounts, and overall I think the endeavor was a success.

(P.S.  - Winners of the paleo package drawing will be selected shortly and contacted so they can claim their prizes.)


Also, based on some of the feedback coming in from the section asking about “aspects of the paleo diet which you struggle with”, and the high prevalence of the answer “cost of food”, I’ve released a new eBook devoted to providing affordable solutions for eating ancestral diets.  It contains over 40 pages of advice, dedicated to helping you save money on food. Check it out!


But, enough of that. You came here to see what the results of the survey were, so here they are:

You can download a full report with the survey results hereIt’s hosted for free at

The file is a 4MB PDF, containing charts and graphs of the data collected from the survey. If you need a PDF reader, you can download one for free, here.

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