As an aspiring entrepreneur attempting to earn an income through publishing on websites over the Internet, I am required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to disclose financial relationships and activities related to my website (naturallyengineered.com) and your activity on my website.

The first and simplest method of generating revenue from this website is the display of banner advertisements. Most of these banner ads are automatically selected by the Google Adsense program. I have little control over what gets displayed by those ads, they are selected by Google’s algorithm based on context and keywords found in articles.

From time to time I may also display advertisements for products or companies which I enter into a direct relationship with. And as well, I may display “house” ads for products or companies which I maintain an affiliate relationship with. Almost all of these are related to shoes or minimalist footwear, others are for books are educational products.

An affiliate relationship is when a publisher, like myself, joins an affiliate program with a company like say, Amazon.com. If I place a special link leading to products at Amazon.com, and a visitor buys something, I may get a small commission. I use this method occasionally for products like books for which I’ve written a review.

Most of these programs operate by utilizing a special link URL or placing a tracking cooking on your computer. You can easily turn off cookies in your browser if you are not comfortable with that mechanism.

I also make use of the VigLink affiliate network to affiliate other outbound links to products or companies which I have not entered into an affiliate relationship with. You can read more about VigLink here and opt out of their system here.


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