I love the Internet. There is such a wealth of information and cutting edge ideas that we all have access to, and where in the past it would have been kept locked up in the hallowed halls of universities and libraries. Now, lectures by leading researchers can be watched for free on your laptop computer, as opposed to the steep price of admission to an ivy-league college.

In this blog post, I’ve selected a group of videos that I think highlight some of the key topics that need to reach public-awareness. The ideas are obviously very contrarian to the prevailing conventional wisdom, but nonetheless they need to be explored. They cover a range of topics from cholesterol and heart disease to sugar and obesity. Somehow, I think they all work together to contribute to what should be considered a massive public health disaster.

The videos progress in terms of length and complexity of the topics, so I suggest you start from the top and work your way down as time or patience allows. I certainly wouldn’t expect somebody to watch the full extent of these videos in one day. However, if you have time over the course of the next week to watch each of these lectures and interviews, do it – you will be smarter (and maybe eventually healthier) for it.

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, one of the prominent scientific figures in the counter-movement to the cholesterol heart hypothesis explains how there is no correlation between cholesterol levels and incidence of heart disease.

Big Fat Lies

Creator of the documentary Fat Head, Tom Naughton reveals how the scientific evidence used to prop up the lipid hypothesis, and thereby vilify saturated fat, was based on improperly reported data.

Why We Get Fat

Pre-WWII there was a lot of compelling research that began to explain how carbohydrates controlled insulin which controlled fat accumulation. Unfortunately, the inter-war years saw the vanishing of much of those researchers and the research they worked on. Decades later, we now have scientific luminaries like Gary Taubes pulling back the curtains on what is one of the most hotly debated medical topics of our time, how to prevent obesity.

The Battle of the Diets: Is Anyone Winning (At Losing?)

Dr. Christopher Gardner has completed the largest and longest-ever comparison of four popular diets using real-world conditions and discusses the results. Himself a long time vegetarian, he admits it was a “bitter pill to swallow” when his study revealed that the lowest-carbohydrate Atkins diet came out on top for weight loss and improvement of cardiovascular risk factors.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Dr. Robert Lustig meticulously explains the biochemistry behind the effects that sugar, and more specifically fructose, has on the human body and why he would classify it as “a poison”. In his lecture he lays the fault for the rising levels of obesity and diabetes squarely at the feet of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.

Do you have any other online videos or documentaries you would recommend? Please add any suggestions below in the comment section.

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15 Responses to Five Videos on Nutrition and Health You Must Watch

  1. Fitz says:

    Bookmarked! Great list – I’ve seen two of these and I know my gf is going to love them. Thanks for putting them together!

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  3. ian says:

    Sean croxton on youtube also known as underground wellness has some great videos on nutrition, he has a great concept about fat, did god get it wrong, did got get it wrong by putting fat in milk, or but putting the yolk in the egg, to imagine our ancestors 10, 20, or 30 thousand years ago eating only egg whites and 1% milk is hysterical,
    also, sean has a podcast on itunes where he has an hour interview with taubes,

    and one of his mentors, Paul Chek, also has some great health videos, talking about things like the last four doctors you will ever need, dr. sleep, dr. diet, dr. movement, and dr. quiet.

  4. ian says:

    I forgot about gary null, he also puts his daily show up on itunes podcast for free-

  5. Jason says:

    Fat head was an excellent documentary. I’ll be sure to spend some time on this list

  6. Kris says:

    Thank you so much for providing such great info!
    Enjoy your blog immensly-keep up the good work!

  7. Arturo Fiero says:

    What a great compilation of videos. Thanks!

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