couch-to-barefoot-graphic-sidebarI’m happy to make available my new 5,000 word introductory guide to barefoot running, “Couch To Barefoot”! It’s geared towards people who haven’t tried barefoot running and answers the key questions that most beginners will have.

Questions like:

  • Where should I train barefoot?
  • Should I start out with minimalist shoes first?
  • Why do my calf muscles hurt?

Now, keep in mind, this document isn’t intended to be a complete guide to everything you would need to know about barefoot running. There are plenty of great books and web resources already out there that aspire to that end.

A lot of times, folks just don’t know the right questions to ask, or who to get the answers from. This is intended to help answer the core issues quickly, get you started trying barefoot right away, and then direct you on to other resources for further learning.  There is a good sized list of book and web resources on the last page to help you with this.

This guide is completely free, and you are welcome to share it with anybody you think would benefit from reading it.

You can get it now from the download page!

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5 Responses to Couch to Barefoot: Introductory Guide to Barefoot Running

  1. Fitz says:

    Thanks for the guide Dave! Awesome stuff.

    When’s the advanced version coming out? :)

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