I wanted to share this very succinct yet informative video presentation made by VIVOBAREFOOT. I think it highlights all of the major points on why children should be kept barefoot or in minimalist shoes as much as possible. In short, the foot is very soft and subject to stimulus at a young age, and rigid shoes have the potential to cause deformities.

There are certainly places in the world where shoes are an absolute must, but we can take their shoes off indoors and in safe environments like the back yard. The near constant wearing of tight rigid shoes by children is like placing a brace around any other part of their body – it will change the way that body part grows and forms.

The presentation itself is excellently narrated by a young child. It’s often said, that wisdom comes from the mouths of babes. You can watch the presentation online at Vimeo.

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6 Responses to VIVOBAREFOOT Kids – Barefoot is Best

  1. Forwarding to my future wife :) It will be interesting to see the intersection of what I believe vs. what is practical when I have kids in a few years.

  2. I think the video is great and agree with the message (at 21 mo old, our son has been barefoot most of his life) but paying 49GBP/$79 for a pair of children’s shoes is absolutely ridiculous.

    I know some people might not think you can put a price on good foot development, but in the real world, $80 a month is a lot of money!

    If anyone can please direct me to a soft shoe for children (he was previously wearing Robeez but has grown out of their soft shoe range) that won’t mean $80 a month I’d much appreciate it!

    • David Csonka says:

      Jason, you could check out Soft Star Shoes, they have a lot of different moccasin or similar type shoes for children.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jason, also noticed at striderite they have a minimalist “level 2″ shoe for kids just learning to walk, but the size range is quite large. The saleslady scolded me a bit buying it for my daughter who can walk fine, but I was able to withstand her scorn (just!) ;-) The shoes are a bit more reasonably priced – probably well priced for you in the US.

  3. Sid says:

    Jason #1: the great thing about kids is that they’ll often instinctually make the right choice. The trick as a parent is to figure out when to listen to them. I can barely keep shoes on my kid :)

    Jason #2: I agree with you about the insane cost of those kids shoes. So far my approach has just been to try to find the thinnest most flexible sole that I can in the cheapest shoe I can get. Spending more $ for a “better” shoe just doesn’t make sense to me if all shoes cause issues.