“Though human ingenuity may make various inventions which, by the help of various machines answering the same end, it will never devise any inventions more beautiful, nor more simple, nor more to the purpose than Nature does…”
~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Unlocking Human Potential, The Natural Way

The human body is one of the most adaptable and resilient organisms in the world. We are able to survive and thrive in almost every climate on the planet. Our bodies are able to respond and adapt to an innumerable amount of environmental stimuli and activities.

We have been utilizing this amazing machine for hundreds of thousands of years, and yet there is so much about how it operates that we still don’t understand. And apparently, much of what we did learn through the toil of countless generations of hunter-gatherers has been forgotten.

To the detriment of many, our civilization has lost touch with the natural world and the ancestral nature of our human bodies. We feast on fake foods produced in laboratories and exercise with strange unnatural devices, if at all. For our culture to thrive and move forward, we must take a look back at where we came from, and how we once lived.

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Who am I?

david-csonkaMy name is David Csonka. I’m a writer and web developer living in Denver, Colorado. Before moving out west, I used to live at a much lower-altitude in the state of Florida. I don’t miss the humidity, at all. It was there that I graduated from the Florida State University with my Master’s degree in Information science. My time in college fostered a love of learning, and since then that love only seems to have kept growing.

Although I’ve dabbled in various exercise programs throughout my life, I didn’t truly become passionate about fitness and nutrition until I was introduced to CrossFit and the paleo diet several years back. I took a really hard look at my life and suddenly realized just how sedentary and “blah” it had become. Immediately, it became apparent to me that my body was yearning to break free from the cubicle world that I was chained to. It was time to re-evolve.

Today, staying active, being outdoors, and experiencing nature is an essential part of my sense of well-being. Like a wild creature, I long to run and feel the wind rushing past my ears and have the sunlight warm the skin on my body. However, I do still retain much of my civilized self, and won’t deny that many of the modern world’s marvels fascinate me, namely the Internet.

What is my goal?

To empower others to restore their lives to a vibrant and healthy state by helping them become more knowledgeable about science, nutrition, fitness, and to realize the full potential they have within.

Do you long for a physical feeling of grace and power?

Do you feel like the food you eat is slowly killing you?

Do you miss the joy of running and playing in the warm summer sun?

If you answered yes, then you should stick around to see what it is you’re missing!

What to expect from my website:

I write about a variety of topics including nutrition, fitness, and human physiology, all within the scope of evolutionary health and fitness. This is the idea that health-related actions should be guided by an understanding of our evolutionary ancestry. My articles include informational discussions, advice oriented opinions, reviews of helpful products, and even humor pieces to keep the mood light.

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